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Strong Abilene Foreclosure Defense

The possibility of your home being foreclosed upon can be one of the most frightening situations that a person can face. At AndersonClements, PLLC, our foreclosure defense and bankruptcy attorneys in Abilene help clients throughout West Texas who are overwhelmed with debt and facing foreclosure.

Finding Solutions To Overwhelming Debt

Unfortunately, many people struggle with overwhelming debt and face the reality of a home foreclosure every day. Attempting to work out a solution with the mortgage company prior to a foreclosure can be a nightmare and make you feel helpless. Some people are aware that filing for bankruptcy could potentially stop a foreclosure, but it’s not always an option or might not be an option you want. Even worse, what if the foreclosure has already occurred?

Consumer Protection Against Foreclosure

Because the taking of someone’s home is such a severe manner of recourse, in Texas mortgage companies must strictly adhere to a set of rules contained in the Texas Property Code and other statutes when foreclosing on a property. Should the company fail to provide statutory notices, improperly provide notice to the property owner, or make a false or misleading representation to a homeowner leading up to a foreclosure, it could potentially be grounds to stop a foreclosure or perhaps set aside a wrongful foreclosure.

Wrongful Foreclosure

What does or does not constitute a wrongful foreclosure is highly dependent on your individual facts and circumstances. There are several ways that mortgage companies may fail to meet the statutory requirements for a home foreclosure.

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